Panch Vartman - The Five Vows

Lord Swaminarayan stated that devotion and moral behaviour is essential for salvation and reaching divine Akshardham.  A person must be pure in his actions and disciplined in life in order to be moral. 

To help His followers maintain a high level of morality in life, Lord Swaminarayan defined five vows that His devotees must always observe.  He stated that whoever wants to embrace His sampraday must abide by these five vows: 

  • Abstain from drinking wine, liquor or any intoxicating drug
  • Abstain from eating meat in any form
  • Abstain from adultery
  • Abstain from stealing even the smallest item
  • Not to take food & drink from improper sources

 These vows apply to all followers of the sampraday from acharyas, saints to householders.  Such is the truth and purity of these vows that a person of any religion would benefit from observing these vows.